Articles of the Week – April 20

Each week we search the internet and bring you some of the best articles in cycling, running, triathlon and endurance sports.

One-Hour Workout: Wildflower Windups

Though tailored for the Wildflower Tri bike leg, these intervals help you work any course’s early miles.

How Hydrating Properly Is Key For Optimal Recovery

What role do sodium and fluids play in helping with recovery from hard sweaty exercise?

Are You Reaping the Benefits of the Fartlek?

Fartleks challenge your body to become faster over longer distances—plus it’s just a fun word to say. Here’s all you need to know about fartlek running, and three workouts to try on your own.

Six Steps To A Better Streamline

The fastest moment in the pool is when you push off the wall. Put your body in a streamline position to take advantage of this free speed. Here are six steps to a streamline push-off: