Cycling Muscle Groups

How to get more power, efficiency & COMFORT

OK, this may be an odd post for a company that makes skincare products for athletes.  You know…chamois cream and what not.  A post about how to apply chamois cream may seem more appropriate but this little gem is neat.

Despite what we sell, the bottom line is that we are REALLY a comfort company.  That’s right COMFORT.  From our point of view, if you’re comfortable then you’re gonna go faster with more power and efficiency.  We’d all love that!

We found the infographic below that describes which cycling muscle groups are used during particular parts of the pedal stroke.  Knowing which muscles are used will undoubtedly help you become more effective.  At the very least, it explains why track cyclists have such prominent derrières.

Whether it is the best chamois cream on the planet or a fun little tip like this, we’ve got what you need to become more comfortable on the bike…AND FASTER!!!

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Cycling Muscle Groups