1. Where can I buy Doc’s products?  Our products are sold in brick-and-mortar bike shops throughout the USA, Canada, UK and EU. Online, our products can be purchased on Amazon.com, Performance Bike, Competitive Cyclist, and Backcountry.com.

2. My favorite bike shop doesn’t carry Doc’s products, how can I change that?  Just shoot us an email at info@docsskincare.com and provide us with the contact information of your shop’s manager or owner. Or you can have your bike shop call us at 1-877-503-1033 or email us to set-up a dealer account.

3. Do you sponsor teams?  Doc’s is all about supporting the development of endurance sports in the USA. We traditionally consider sponsorship of 2-3 teams per season. We are particularly interested in the sponsorship of development squads, elite amateur teams that travel extensively, teams with philanthropic focuses, and professional teams. However, any single person and any team with an interesting story is urged to send a cover letter and resume to info@docsskincare.com

4. Why is making products “all natural” so important?  Endurance athletes tend to spend long periods time with our products exposed to the most sensitive areas of the body. It only makes sense to use the ingredients that are as gentle but effective as possible. See our blog post on why this is so important here.

5. You guys seem to have a beef with petroleum products. What’s the problem with mineral oil?  Mineral oil is produced as a by-product of the distillation process used to refine petroleum into gasoline…’nuf said. For more information see this blog post.

6. Where are your products made?  Our products are made in a FDA approved facility in the good ol’ USA that specializes in manufacturing organic and all natural skin care products, personal hygiene products, and cosmetics. Some of our competitors make their stuff in their personal kitchens – watch out!

7. How are your products designed?  We work with trained formulation chemists. After multiple versions and prototypes, we select the product that fulfills our vision. Then we work on manufacturing, filling, packaging, and labeling – all the stuff that affects pricing the most. In other words, we design a product that works then we worry about how to get it priced economically.

8.  Just how “natural” are your products?  The often-used terms “all-natural” and “natural” are not regulated by the USADA or the FDA like the label “organic”.  In the cosmetic and food industries, however, these terms imply at least a 95% by volume botanical/natural formulation (btw-“organic” per the USDA means 95% organic ingredients too); this is the standard supported by the Natural Products Association.  Rest assured that all Doc’s Skincare products have well more than 95% all-natural products.  Read more about our natural approach here.

9.  Do you test your products on animals?  Doc’s Skincare does not and shall not conduct, commission, or be a party to Animal Testing of any of its products including, without limitation, formulation and ingredients of such products.

10.  I am a retailer.  How can I become a Doc’s Skincare dealer?  How can I sell Doc’s Skincare products at my business?  All you have to do is go HERE.  Fill out the information and we will review your application.