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Natural Skincare for Athletes

Chamois cream & more

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Doc's Natural Sunscreen

Doc’s Natural SPF30 Sunscreen

UVA/UVB protection without harsh chemicals

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 Cyclist’s Bundle 

chamois cream for cyclists and more

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Triathlete’s Bundle

chamois cream for cyclist and triathletes and more

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Swimmer’s Bundle

natural muscle balm and more

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Discover the Secret Behind Doc’s Natural Chamois Cream for Cyclists

Have you ever wondered how we make Doc’s Natural Chamois Cream for cyclists? Would you like to know the secret behind its winning formula? The backstory about “Doc” It all starts with me and my sensitive derriere in 2004. I grew up racing bikes as a USA Cycling (USCF back then) junior in Texas and […]

How to Use Chamois Cream

 Not sure how to apply chamois cream?Have you ever asked yourself:How do you use chamois cream?How do you apply chamois cream?Where do you put chamois cream?How much chamois cream should I use?Do I put chamois cream on me or my chamois?If you’ve wondered about any of those questions, you are not alone.  The most common […]

What’s in Your Chamois Cream?

Skin Creams, Ointments, Liniments and What They Do If you’ve ever used some sort of cream or ointment, it’s probably because you’re experiencing some sort of pain and you want it to go away. While many ointments exist to help cure skin irritations such as chafing and saddle sores, some of them do the trick […]


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