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Natural and downright awesome

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Doc's Natural Swim Shampoo

Get chlorine and minerals out of your hair Naturally

Ever wonder why your post-swim shampoo has as many bizarre chemicals as the stuff you're trying to get OUT of your hair? Doc's has your all-natural solution! Using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and vitamins, Doc's Natural Swim Shampoo safely and gently removes copper, chlorine, and a host of junk your hair is bombarded with while swimming. Formulated for you with over 95% all-natural ingredients.

Muscle Recovery: The Most Important Part of Your Workout Regimen

Focusing on muscle recovery after a good workout session as well as after a physically demanding sporting event is vitally important. Every time you work your body, the physical exertion will cause tissue wear and tear and you will need to take steps that will help minimize damage and rebuild muscles. If you ignore the need for muscle recovery, not only will you end up with a lot of aches and pains, but there will also be a delay in the healing process. Significant delays in the healing or recovery process result in failure to progress or even over-training.  [READ MORE]

muscle recovery


One example of ointment. Photo courtesy of

What’s in Your Chamois Cream?

If you’ve ever used some sort of cream or ointment, it’s probably because you’re experiencing some sort of pain and you want it to go away. While many ointments exist to help cure skin irritations such as chafing and saddle sores, some of them do the trick and others don’t. In some cases they are often passed on as being all natural, and yet they’re loaded with chemicals.  [READ MORE]

All the ingredients you need and none you don't. Naturally.

At Doc’s Skincare, we’re committed to making the highest quality and longest lasting natural skincare products for serious athletes who demand the most from their bodies. We have specialty products for cyclists, triathletes, runners, intense fitness enthusiasts, and athletes focused on strength training. You’ll only find the most essential and natural ingredients in Doc’s Skincare products. Whether you’ve got issues with chafing, need protection from skin breakdown, or are looking to enhance recovery from sore and overused muscles, Doc’s has you covered.

Read here about our NATURAL approach to product design.

Have you heard that we guarantee our chamois cream? We sure do! Read about it here.

Get to know Doc's Skincare, the leader in all natural skincare for athletes

"While out testing the Doc's Chamois Cream I was so unaware of my ass that I forgot I was supposed to be gathering data about the product. Rather than worry about my butt hurting I can concentrate on my legs hurting." ~ Dave-O, Founder and Co-Owner Arundel Bicycle Company

"When I rode the Paris-Brest-Paris Brevet in August, I used Doc's All Natural Chamois Cream and was trouble free for 1230km." ~ Brian R., Dallas, TX

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